The following rules are valid for all Gladiatus game servers.
If you believe you have been punished unfairly, please contact our Support team.
Please note that due to data protection concerns we can only discuss requests and complaints regarding specific accounts with the account owner following proper verification.

1. Multi Accounts & Shared IP Connections

Every player is allowed to maintain several accounts on one and the same server. These must be declared to us using a built-in game function. The same function must be used if multiple players access the game via the same IP address. Multi-accounts and players sharing an IP address are automatically subject to limitations, and circumventing these limitations via other players is not permitted.

2. Account Sharing

You are not allowed to share your login details with other players.

3. Exploiting Bugs

Exploiting and using bugs and/or programming errors is strictly prohibited. If a player detects a bug, they are obliged to inform the Support team immediately.

4. Bots and Scripts

Using software or scripts in order to gain an advantage at the expense of other players is not permitted. This includes the use of bots, macros and other forms of automated script.

5. Real-Life Threats

Expressing intent to inflict harm on any other person (users, team members or Gameforge employees) is strictly forbidden.

6. Content

The following content is not allowed on any platform related to Gladiatus:

  • insults (this includes both clear and masked language in profiles, names, messages, news, guild names, guild profiles etc.) and inappropriate behaviour towards other people
  • political or religious opinions, pornographic, racist or extremist views and expressions of any kind
  • spam and advertisement of any non-Gameforge related businesses/organisations or websites
Language – English is the official language on, however you can select a primary and secondary language in the language settings, and all supported languages are generally tolerated.

Impersonating a staff member (Community Team member or Gameforge employee) to post false information or threaten other users with sanctions is forbidden.

7. Terms and Conditions

The T&Cs are supplemented by these rules and must be observed.